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Speed Controllers

415 Volt speed Controller from 0.75Kw to 75Kw 415 volt in / out - Brand Westinghouse

240 Volt speed Controller - Brand LG


The speed controller out put is 240 volt 3 phase which runs a three phase motor with a star delta winding. The controller can double a motors speed and slow it down to about 15% of it original speed. It has ramp up and ramp down time as well as a host of other functions.

Style 240 volt in 240 volt 3 phase out With knob on front panel & stop start button.
0.75kw 1Hp $300.00 + gst 
1.5kw 2Hp $450.00 + gst 
2.2kw 3Hp $550.00 + gst

To Convert from star to delta, Bridge Pieces must be moved thats all.




  Speed Controllers - (1.2mb)


The above file(s) are in PDF format which requires adobe acrobat reader to view. If you do not have a copy, you can download one for free here - (Download Now)


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