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Melbourne Machinery offer a diverse range of pulleys including :
SPA, SPB, SPC, sections
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 groove

The belt / pulley combination is used to transfer power from the driving component such as a motor or gearmotor to the application.  Applications include conveyor systems, crushers, compressors, process lines and general speed reduction.  Belts and pulleys are well suited to high-speed applications in comparison to chain and sprockets, which are better suited to high torque applications.



Rough rule of thumb for belt power selection
Pulley size 200mm at 2000 rpm with a ratio 1:1  Dayco

Belt                             Power per belt
A super2                    6.3Kw - (8.4Hp)
AX                               10.5Kw - (14Hp)
SPAX                         14Kw - (18.5hP)
B super2                   9Kw - (12Hp)
BX                              13.2Kw - (17.5Hp)
SPBX                         19.7kW - (26.2Hp)
C super2                  11.7Kw - (15.5Hp)
CX                              17.5Kw - (23Hp)
SPCX                         29Kw  - (38.5Hp)


 SPA Pulleys - (1.3mb)

 SPB Pulleys - (1.6mb)

 SPC Pulleys - (1.1mb)


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