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Dodge Shaft Mounts

Dodge shaft mounted reduction boxes have recently changed their models. The old model TXT has been for sale in Australia for about twenty years and I suppose they thought it was time for a new look so we have a large stock of shaft mounted Dodge boxes of last years model at a very heavily reduced price. Dodge produces a quality product with a more robust construction than most of the competing units around, so the Kw and Nm ratings are usually much higher. Please keep us in mind if the requirement for a shaft mounted reducer comes up.

Dodge Torque Arm Reducers features Precision high quality helical gearing, Rugged and Corrosion resistant Cast Iron and Ductile iron housings, Anti-friction bearings that meet/exceed ABMA ratings, precision machined and hardened shafts for maximum loading, double lip spring loaded seals, efficient splash lubrication system. Benefits are cost savings due to long life of reducer, easy installation and removal due to twin tapered bushing concept, flexibility, true concentric mount fit, capable of handling high shock loads due to full length keys, high range of ratios and a broad range of accessories to support any application need.


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